ghd Rise Volumising Hot Brush

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Say hello to your biggest and best hair yet, with the ghd Rise Volumising Hot Brush. This heated styling brush is designed to give maximum volume and shine, without overheating your hair. Think of it as half hot roller, half round brush, but easier to use than both. It’s a winner, is what we’re getting at.

 Why will I love the ghd Rise Volumising Hot Brush?

  • Hot brush to create volume, waves and curls
  • Kind to hair
  • 32mm barrel
  • 5mm smooth bristles
  • Heats in 25 seconds
  • Smart technology to ensure consistent temperature
  • Glides through hair easily
  • Heats to 185 degrees Celsius
  • Tapered barrel
  • Cool tip
  • 2.7m swivel cord
  • Sleep mode - switches off after 30 minutes

 Who is the ghd Rise Volumising Hot Brush for?

If you’d describe your hair as limp and lifeless, and you’re after serious volume, the ghd Rise is for you. It’s all about body, oomph and shine, without the skill/coordination requirements of a round-brush blowout.

 How should I use the ghd Rise Volumising Hot Brush?

Well, that depends on the look you’re after, of course. But the short version is to think of it like the round brush you’d use in a blowout, except for it provides the heat itself. Use it on clean, dry, heat-protected hair, for a start, and section your hair out so you have room to work.

Then, working on a small piece at a time, wrap your hair around the brush at the root, then move the brush through your hair to the ends. Roll the brush back up towards your scalp, and hold for 5-8 seconds before releasing to reveal quite a gorgeous curl. Repeat until your whole head is styled, then finish with some texture spray. Lush.

Of course, the size of the pieces you work with, exactly how you hold the brush, and the angle you work at will vary your finished look. Play around with it and see what works best for you.