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Arm yourself with the ghd Paddle Brush for truly superior hair health! Perfect for mid to long hair, the ghd Paddle Brush effectively detangles hair gently with each stroke.

Featuring an easy to hold, non-slip handle, and broad flat base, the ghd Paddle Brush is cleverly created to manage brushing larger sections of the hair. Hair is smoothed, or volume added, without generating static. The ideal preparation for brilliant blow-dries or 'on the fly' up-do's, the ghd Paddle Brush is your new BFF when it comes to practical, fast, kind daily care for hair.

- Broad, flat base designed for a secure hold of larger sections of hair
- Soft, non-slip handle for ease of use
- Durable design for everyday use
- Professional, hand-finished composition
- Airhole feature to allow for airflow during heat styling
- Perfect for managing mid-to-long hair
- Brushes without creating static